Remnants & Clearance Turf

Artificial Grass at a discounted rate! Remnants are new, unused products in off-standard measurements.  A remnant is defined as a product which measures less than 15′ wide x 10′ length.

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Silver Series

Turf Revolution introduces ‘The Silver Series’

Products in the Silver Series are lite on the wallet, but look like million bucks! These products have a shorter pile height; and therefore, weigh less than their higher tiered counterparts. The pile height is usually under 1.5″ tall, and is usually less than 80 ounces in weight, per square yard.

Gold Series

Turf Revolution introduces ‘The Gold Series’

Products in the Gold Series are standard products which one would expect to see when thinking about artificial turf.  The pile height is usually under 2″ tall, and ranges from 80 to 90 ounces in weight, per square yard.

Platinum Series

Turf Revolution introduces ‘The Platinum Series

Products in the Platinum Series are considered full weight, high-end products.  They are usually very full, and most HOAs approve any turf found in the Platinum Tier.  The pile height is usually at or around 2″, and ranges from 90 to 110 ounces in weight, per square yard.

Diamond Series

Turf Revolution introduces ‘The Diamond Series
Products in the Diamond Series are considered the very best, weight, high-end products.  They are usually very full, and most HOAs approve any turf found in the Platinum Tier.  The pile height is usually at or around 2″, and exceed 110 ounces in weight, per square yard.

Natural Series

Turf Revolution introduces ‘The Natural Series

Products in the Natural Series are made to simulate real grass commonly found in the Southwest of the USA.  Due to the straw colored yarn mixed into the field and olive green blades, it truly give a feeling of warmth only found at home.

Patriot Series

Turf Revolution introduces ‘The Patriot Series

Products in the Patriot Series are the best of the best, period.  They are 100% Made in the USA and the quality is unsurpassed by all imported competitors.  Domestically brought in via freight services from Texas, Arizona, and Georgia, we support USA Manufacturing jobs and enjoy the most premium products you can buy!

Pet Series

Turf Revolution introduces ‘The Pet Series

Products in the Pet Series are specially designed for even the most doggiest of dogs!  A short pile height combined with the toughest backing technologies create the perfect doggy oasis full of happy barks for years to come.  Products range from simple, to packed with technology, such as ProFlo, CoolFlo, and Anti-Microbial Technology which kills microorganisms and stops their growth.

Putt Series

Turf Revolution introduces ‘The Putt Series

Products in the Putt Series are created with TruSpeed Technology and given a TruSpeed Rating!  Our three offerings are the Birdie, Eagle, and Albatross Pro which become more packed with technology as you traverse the different putt products.  At the highest end, Albatross Pro utilizes Synthetic Nylon Technology, combined with a Rubber backing to increase the character and TruSpeed of your putting green!

Turf Accessories

Some accessories are required, some are recommended; but all are available at Turf Revolution!  From Infill, to Putting Cups, we got you covered.  We are a one-stop-shop to creating an Epic Turf-Scape!

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