Patriot 103 Pro

The Patriot 103 Pro features a Mini-Wave yarn blade which, when coupled with the field and apple green tones, provides the most versatility to the touch and appearance.  Along with the visual appeal, the Mini-Wave yarn blend of the Patriot 103 Pro is one of the softest and welcoming turfs we offer.




• Unique 3D blade design deflects light reduces sheen

• Durable yarn shape creates stronger fiber strength
• UV stabilized yarns to resist fading from the sun
• Non-flammable, anti-acid yarn resistant to chemical attack



Pile Height: 1 7/8”
Face Weight: 76 oz
Total Weight: 103 oz
Yarn Color: Field/Apple
Thatch Color: Brown/Green
Yarn Material: Monofilament Polyethylene (PE)
Thatch Material: Texturized PE
Primary Backing Material: 7oz (Per Square Yard) K29 Dual Layered Non-expansive
Secondary Coating Material: 20oz (Per Square Yard) Polyurethane
Tuft Bind: >10 lbs.
Machine Gauge: 3/8”
Infill Ratio: 2-3 lbs
Roll Width: 15’
Drain Rate: >28 inches per hour
Warranty: 15 year
Recommended Use: Low to Moderate Traffic


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